Approaching Winter Break

Gift of Giving

I am conscious of a sense of urgency as I approach a break of any kind and I find myself busy trying to finish off and complete things that have built up.  It is important to acknowledge to myself that there is a level of acceptance required around to-do lists.  There is always something on it, not everything will be done!

Whilst busy doing things and catching up with myself, I realised how disconnected I was.  When I found my connection with my breath, I found my feet.  Not unlike being caught in thoughts, I find I can allow myself to get carried away on the waves of busy-ness and I become reactive to external demands.  My body demonstrates this with an increase in hot flushes and I find myself unable to fall asleep which can result in overwhelm and tiredness.  Naturally, my meditation and mindfulness practice helps bring me back into balance in these times and connection with my breath is central to this.

The word connection is laden with meaning and depth and as I embody its essence whilst writing, I notice a sense of peace residing within me that I wasn’t aware of whilst being busy. 

Rachel Podger

This week saw the shortest day and the Winter Solstice.  It is a time of new beginning and increasing light.  In my mind, this is light at the end of the tunnel, and aligned with this, the snowdrops are gently nudging the surface of the earth ready to bless us with their beauty and gentle presence.  I am struck too by the deep red berries that remain on the trees which have survived the hungry birds, and the dark green of the holly trees.

Although this break will be different for most of us, I hope that Nature and your connection with it and to what this time of year means to you, is as happy and peaceful as it can be.  May you be filled with love and joy.

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