The Gift of Giving

Gift of Giving

As St Francis of Assisi said “for it is in giving that we receive”.

Over the past few days, I have received gifts that I will treasure for the rest of my life for which I am truly thankful.  Added to this, to see the joy that I have given in the gifts I have shared with friends and loved ones is truly a blessing in itself.

Naturally, the gift of giving and receiving goes beyond the material.  During this time of deep uncertainty and in so many lives, loneliness and disconnection from friends and loved ones, I remind myself that it is as essential to be open to give and receive as it is to take in water and food.

To hear the voice of a friend on the end of a phone and indeed to see their face behind a screen or in person at a distance is food and nurture of a different kind.  I have had a number of virtual hugs over this festive season and I take myself into my heart and receive this person and the love that they give me.  This is wonderful and heart-warming and yet there is something so uniquely special about the gift of touch and the gaze and connection through the eyes of a person, in person.

As I write, I connect with the people that I love and am blessed to be loved by and I send loving kindness and gratitude to each and every one of you that take time to read this. I hope it gives you some warmth and food for your soul at this time and you know that wherever and whoever you are you are loved and held in mind and heart.. 

Rachel Podger

Just now, the sun has shown its beautiful self and the glow of its light shines brightly. As it reveals its rays of light to me, I am reminded of the saying that behind every cloud is a silver lining.  The ray of hope is surely the brightest of reminders that we will be able to hold and touch one another in person before too long.  For now, know that you are held in mind and heart and very much appreciated.

This week, I have recorded a meditation to help remember to give time to ourselves and receive our breath which allows space to feel our expansiveness and aliveness and gives us a deeper connection with our senses and how we feel to be alive.

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