Noticing Longing

Noticing my Longing

Today as we walked in the frost and mist, I noticed I longed for the sunshine to come through and brighten the morning.  It was noticing my longing that drew me back to the moment and to the beauty of the cold and frost.  I enjoy the feeling of the cold air on my face and being warm under my thick coat and the sound and feel of my feet stepping on the frozen ground reminds me of both the fragility and resilience of the earth.  Many plants will not survive the frost and the ones that do, when the weather changes, will arise cleansed and renewed.  As for me, I know historically that this time of year can be challenging and it is essential for my well-being to focus even more diligently and also light-heartedly, on the present moment.  This allows me to open my heart and receive the gift of awareness and presence.  

The heaviness of the dark mornings and evenings then feel more bearable. The meeting of darkness and light, whether at dawn or dusk are marvels in themselves and allow me to be awed by their never-ending presence. 

Rachel Podger

I feel sunnier as I write now and more hopeful for the days ahead.  To keep bringing myself gently and kindly back into the present moment is a never-ending exercise in self-care and I shall endeavour to do this with grace and gratitude.  And when I slip up, I will pick myself up with an air of curiosity and remind myself that like the earth, I am warmed by the sunshine and this will encourage inner growth and renewal ready for the Spring.  Today, I am thankful for the frost that gives Tiger huge amounts of pleasure as she rolls and slides on the glistening and solid grass!  It is a simple thing that gives me so much joy and warms my heart every time she does it.  To notice my heart lift when I watch her do this really is a moment to treasure.

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