Aquamarine Water and Sunshine

Aquamarine and sunshine

As I look out of the window and watch the pouring rain I think of the blue sky behind the clouds and I remember aquamarine water and sunshine.

With this in mind, I have recorded a meditation to connect with the fifth and second chakras.  The throat (fifth) chakra which is depicted by the colour blue turquoise or aquamarine blue and is about self-expression, truth, creativity and life purpose.  It is closely linked to the sacral (second) chakra which I have explored previously and in essence is connected to creativity and to our emotions and senses and our ability to enjoy and take in the pleasures of life.

Aligned with this, I have recorded a meditation that invites you to take a moment to visualise yourself somewhere where you can see and feel connected to the colour aquamarine and to the warmth and energy of the sun. 

One of the physical side effects of less sunshine, particularly at this time of year, can be a lowering in our levels of vitamin D (which can be supplemented daily during the winter). During the menopause, it is a vitamin that is essential to maintain healthy levels of as a lack of it can lead to osteopenia and further down the line osteoporosis. 

Rachel Podger

Although visualising and connecting with colour, warmth and energy doesn’t give us vitamin D, it can fill us with hope and uplifts our spirit to help us feel happier, more energised and motivated.  In turn we then feel more alive within ourselves and able to create and maintain a healthy and fulfilled life.  Our beautiful ageing and wise bodies must be tuned into and appreciated regularly.  If we neglect them they will in one way or another let us know that we are out of balance and in need of realignment.

I hope these meditations and words take you inwards to a place of colour and joy and fire you up creatively.

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