The Feeling of the Wind

Feeling of the Wind

The feeling of the wind on my face, particularly over the past few days, has been refreshing and uplifting.  It has reminded me of walks along a beach and the wonderful feelings of being invigorated and empowered by nature and its natural presence and force.  When I feel the wind on my face and listen to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the cobwebs of my mind are blown away and I am left with a sense of clarity, calm and joy.

This morning, I woke up feeling tired after a long day yesterday and as I massaged my feet and did some breathing exercises my tiredness began to lift.  I realise that by consciously connecting with my breath and body I was able to be with my tiredness rather than try and push my way through it.  In Mindfulness we talk about leaning in and allowing rather than forcing something to change.

The common thread between these two experiences of being in my body and connected to my senses was listening and connecting to energy. 


I listened to the sound of the wind and the waves and felt empowered and invigorated by its force and in the second example I listened to my body and gave myself time to connect with my tiredness. 

Rachel Podger

Outer and inner listening are so intricately interwoven and I am struck by how this powerful combination helps me to reattune to an inner knowing and to my energy.  I may not have recovered my younger self and all of the flexibility of youth by this awareness, but I have connected with the energy of youth and with this my ageing self feels re-energised and uplifted.

The gifts of both our inner nature and mother Nature abound, I hope you too can find space to pause, listen and connect to these powerful forces.

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