Falling Snow


The snow fell quickly and quietly on Sunday morning and within a very short period of time it had covered the ground and branches of the trees, dramatically changing the vista of the countryside.

Along with this, the goldfinches, chaffinches and robins started to arrive at the bird table, hungry for food they couldn’t find elsewhere.  I watched in awe at their beauty and shared my excitement by forwarding photos and videos to friends and family.  I realise that all of my senses were heightened by the wonder of this experience. 

Listening to the sound of the goldfinches chattering against the background of the stillness of the snowfall helped me connect with my breath which then gave me a sense of spaciousness and oneness. 

Rachel Podger

This reminded me of the importance of the concept of the Beginners Mind in Mindfulness, to see things as if from the eyes of a child, which allowed me to take in the freshness and fullness of this experience and to become more deeply attuned to all of my senses.  The sense of calm that I felt was both soothing and heart-warming and the inner transformation that I experienced by this breathtakingly beautiful scene and a sense of calm filled my entire being.

I hope this inspires you to pause for a moment during your day and allow yourself to connect with a Beginners Mind that sees things not through the lens of past experiences and ideas but as if you are seeing something for the first time, with fresh eyes and ears and a newly polished and freshly tuned lens.  The snow may have now gone but the beauty and stillness that this gave me can be brought to mind at any moment if I change my focus.

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