A Busy Mind

busy mind

 Despite my busy mind I know only too well that as long as I stay in the present moment and use my mindfulness techniques, especially the 3 minute breathing space, which I find particularly helpful and supportive, I am able to achieve much more than I believe possible.

However, over this past week I have allowed myself to become carried away by my negative thoughts which have led to me feeling stressed and anxious and I have noticed a tightness throughout my body.  At the height of the busy – ness, internal and external, I found it hard to breathe.  In hindsight, I realise I was longing to be somewhere different; to be ahead of myself and in the future when all of my to do list is completed and accomplished. 

I wanted to be free of my feelings that were arising in the moment and although I managed to catch myself a number of times and bring myself back into the moment, I realise that I wasn’t allowing myself space and time to acknowledge my sadness.  

Rachel Podger

Saying goodbye to places and people is sad and yet it is a part of life.  I know only too well that if I don’t allow myself to feel loss, I won’t be free to be in the present and enjoy what I am creating.  So, as I listen to the birds and enjoy the glimpse of blue sky above me, I remember the happy times and for a moment feel held by my memories and the beauty of the past; I come into presence.

All is not lost; I don’t need to hold on tightly and forget.  I need to relax and trust that all is well and that the spaciousness and capacity of my heart can be with all of my feelings and allow me to move forward into the future.  I treasure my past and as I allow myself to breathe into it, to soften, I feel freer to remember that all I hold dear will never be forgotten.

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