Wild Flowers

wild flowers

Over the weekend, as I immersed myself in the beauty of the crocus and its wide variety of purples and oranges, I was reminded of my love of nature and in particular, wild flowers and their natural colour; they fill me with hope and I immediately feel uplifted and strengthened by their beautiful presence.

Once more I was reminded of the importance of noticing the little things that bring pleasure.  I write often of nature and yet these small flowers and their mass of colour gave me such joy that I felt it important to share this simple gift.

Mindfulness has taught me to pause and slow down and to appreciate the small things. It challenges me to take in the good in life, no matter what else is going on, and reconnect time and again to the bigger picture and to trust that there is hope in the darkest of times. 

Rachel Podger

This hope was rewarded greatly when, over the past few days, the warmth of the sunshine has meant that the tulips are now beginning to nudge their way through the earth.  I smile to myself as I can’t remember what colour they will be but what I do know is that they will bring me joy and I wonder at their ability to give such pleasure.

I love to share this excitement and encourage anyone who is looking for a little joy to buy some flowers in whatever colour you are drawn to and spend time admiring their beauty.  It is a wonderful way to awaken our senses and become fully present and alive to the wonders of nature and colour.

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