The Heat of the Moment


The warmer weather and beautiful sunshine have encouraged me to slow down this week.

In particular, I am acutely aware of the importance of breathing slowly when I feel a hot flush coming on as I can feel overwhelmed and even a little panicked by the meeting of external and internal heat.

I can self-regulate by coming back to my breath and senses, and I feel myself calm and cool down. This allows me to take a step back to assess my options, and I am more able to manage “the heat of the moment”.

I am more able to manage “the heat of the moment”.

Rachel Podger

Being menopausal in the heat isn’t easy, but having options and making choices and responding to my body allows me to feel freer to enjoy the cool air of the early morning and the dew on the grass. There is then a stillness that I become more aware of and connected to within myself that gently invites me to slow down, take in the beauty of summer, and embrace the freedom that wearing lighter and fewer clothes offers.

Tiger, on the other hand, is coping well in her fur coat by having numerous dips in ponds and rivers whenever she can!

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