Mind Your Menopause

6 week virtual course

Welcome to Mind Your Menopause

Over six weeks, we will explore myths and facts around the menopause, allowing space for you to look at your relationship with change.

We will review the fiction, fear and frustration surrounding the menopause – what fears intimidate you? What relics from childhood mean that as an adult you feel stuck in the past, unable to express your passions; having lacked permission and support to be yourself? Are you aware of having had sufficient modelling of the journey ahead?

Coming with the privilege of age, something many before us never reached – may we remember and honour them – and in that, give ourselves the opportunity to take this life that we have, and celebrate being a woman of a certain age.

Let us continue to pass on our wisdom through the ages, as women role models in the lives of others; as mothers, daughters, aunts, godparents and mentors.

Online Taster Session

On July 3rd 2021, I will be running a half day seminar online tailored to Menopausal Women.

We will explore your own unique experience of the menopause and help you discover what this time of your life means to you.

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Please find below more information on the 6 week course.

Week 1

Introductions of yourselves and to open the door to an opportunity for you to begin to learn about mindfulness techniques which will help you become aware of your body as it is today, in this moment. We will explore the myths around menopause and meet these with curiosity, compassion and loving kindness.

It is a space to begin to explore what you are looking for and wanting from the course. Is there anything you long for? What is the unlived life that haunts you, summons you, judges you? No one else knows what is right for you. Something in you knows.

“What usually has the strongest psychic effect on the child is the life which the parents… have not lived” – Carl Jung

“The chief cause of human error is to be found in prejudices picked up in childhood” – Descartes

Week 2

Working with mindfulness techniques and meditation to help you find choice around your experience of menopause.

Unknowingly you have many reactions to these experiences and discover you have not given yourself the opportunity to be with your feelings around the menopause and to offer yourself a response.  Within your response is space for choice, freedom to allow yourself, non-judgementally, what it is you are wanting or longing for in that moment.

“Heartfulness is about allowing what’s already there, rather than being results-orientated, or driven by thoughts of, I’ve got to be this or that.It’s about connecting to deeper energies and feelings we often cut off from, and returning to basic human values” – Stephen McKenzie

Week 3

Movement – moving from within and paying attention to how you feel when you go towards your edge without striving for more.

Becoming curious rather than judgemental.  Being able to work towards a difficulty and to be with the stress response and unpleasant thoughts and notice where you feel them in your body.

Being in your body will help you to notice what it is telling you will allow you to observe your thoughts and to observe what you are making them mean.

“Meaninglessness inhibits fullness of life and is therefore equivalent to illness.  Meaning makes a great many things endurable – perhaps everything” – Carl Jung

Week 4

Noticing and taking in the good is often lost in day to day life, it is important to become aware of what we pay attention to and how this then impacts our experience.

We are hard wired to the negativity bias and in this week we will be seeking out and focusing on the pleasant experiences of smell, touch taste, sound and sight.

We will also focus on the art of loving kindness and self-compassion.

“If you can smile inwardly to yourself, show yourself a little kindness, then you start to create a tiny current within you that flows towards greater awareness and compassion” – Vidyamala Birch & Dr Danny Penman

Week 5

We will become more deeply aware and connected to our internal world, and how our negative mindset and thoughts affect our daily lives. We will challenge ideas such as, I have no purpose; I am no longer sexy or attractive; Who will want me now?; It’s too late to start anything new.

We will incorporate all the work from previous weeks into an understanding of where these thoughts originate, and how we can meet and overcome them. No matter how powerful and convincing they are, we will learn how to, non judgementally, observe, experience and release them.

“consciously shifting gear into the Being mode, which is founded on acceptance and compassion, will progressively lead to tremendously positive changes in your life” – Vidyamala Birch & Dr Danny Penman

Week 6

Rejoice in the menopause

A wise woman rejoices and celebrates the opportunity to listen to her heart and souls longing, and is awakened to embrace the gifts and opportunities that this offers.  To know our way home we must know where we are now.  

“And then the knowledge comes to me that I have space within me for a second, timeless, larger life.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

woman standing in front of camera

Rachel and the Menopause

We are born with the potential to incubate life for another and can no longer do this – we have to live for ourselves.

Mind your Menopause is a course I have designed over the last 7 years whilst being in the menopause and navigating the mixed feelings and blessings that have arisen and I have experienced throughout this time.

I am 52 years old and have no children.

My experience of nurturing has come through my work predominantly with women who have had breast cancer and are coming to terms with both internal and external changes in their body. Personally, it has come through my joy of being a god-parent, aunt and having the privilege of friends with children whom I am close to, and hold very dear. Finally, and not least of all, I am the very proud owner of a much loved fox-red labrador, Tiger.

I am a white, middleclass western woman and it is important to state that I am not making assumptions about any one particular culture or belief. I hold in awareness, as I do in the room with my clients, that every woman reading this and in the world at large, will have their own unique experience of the menopause; there are different types, each presenting with very different impacts; chemically induced to natural; childless to empty nest syndrome.

Moreover, I believe it is essential to explore our experiences of beginnings and endings and the losses and gains that we encounter at this time of our life whilst acknowledging the knock on relationship with significant others. Hitherto, viewing the menopause holistically will help us stay connected to, and work with, our attitude towards partners, friends, family, colleagues, society and culture.

As in this song which was heard by James Hollis in the WWII and quoted in his book, we leave parts of ourselves to go out into the world and are being asked to return to them in the second half of our lives. We may be in inner turmoil and yet deep within ourselves there is a calling to come home.

Now is the Hour

Soon you’ll be sailing
Far across the sea.
While you’re away,
Oh please remember me.
When you return, You’ll find me waiting here.

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