Sixth & Seventh Chakras


This morning I recorded meditations to connect with the sixth and seventh chakras.  The sixth chakra, known as the Third Eye, is above the bridge of the nose and is represented by the colour indigo.  It assists in connecting to our intuition and helps to discriminate and clarify what is true for us.  It also supervises the other chakras and can be known as the seat of the soul.

Our seventh chakra, known as the Crown, is above the top of the head and is represented by the colour violet.  It allows us to connect with universal energy and a sense of spaciousness.  It is most easily accessed in meditation and helps bring us into a state of inner calm and stillness, to feel centred.


I have found that by drawing on my awareness of these chakras and integrating this into my Mindfulness practice, I feel more able to access my sense of purpose. It also helps me to reconnect with my Soul and acknowledge an inner longing that I have always been aware of but didn’t feel able to act on. This was to serve a higher good and realign myself to the essence of what it is to be fully human. 

Rachel Podger

My experience of being in the menopause has taken me to many dark places within myself and yet by confronting, with loving kindness and self-compassion, the pain has become more tolerable and I have come to accept that there is opportunity for a deepening of my understanding of what it means not only to be human but to be a woman of a certain age.

I have found that I have more energy now to fulfil a longing to be playful and to embrace this stage of life, and using the energy centres of the chakra system along with Mindfulness techniques I have found a wonderful way to keep energised and hopeful of the wonderful experiences that are around the corner.


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