As I walked in the fog this morning, I could see the outline of trees and the light of the sun behind the clouds was faintly evident.  My heart was full with hope for the rays of sunshine to find their way through and the blue of the sky to be revealed.  My wish came true and as I spoke with someone on the phone their voice and being changed as they shared their experience of warmth and joy at the presence of the sun.

I am reminded of the saying: “there is a light at the end of every tunnel.  Some tunnels just happen to be longer than others”.  It is at this point of the year that the days start to lengthen and there is more daylight to enjoy and immerse myself in whenever possible.  The tunnel feels a little shorter and I am truly thankful for each moment of sunshine and light that gives me this sense of hope. 

My heart warms and lifts as I write and I feel a little lighter. This is not at the expense of darkness, it is an antidote to it, and in fact helps me to feel less fearful and overwhelmed. 

Rachel Podger

I encourage those of you who struggle with the menopause, or in fact any aspect of your life, especially at this time, to pause for a moment, or longer if possible, and connect with the sunshine and blue sky.  It is both heart-warming and essential to your well-being and perhaps you might like to share it with someone else.  And if the skies have been grey for some time I hope you can reach out to a friend and feel the warmth and sunshine within you as you connect with them and remember the feeling of being held and supported by one another.


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