self regulation

One of the most supportive and comforting aspects of Mindfulness, and there are many, is knowing that I have the techniques and practice as a whole, to help with self-regulation.  I believe it enhances our overall well-being as without it we are unable to experience and take in life and be with all of its ups and downs.

This past week I have found my ability to self-regulate has been tested.  I have found my feelings of frustration and sadness have been heightened and I have allowed my mind to take me down tunnels of helplessness.  When this happens, in order to self-regulate and come back into the present moment, it is essential to tune into my senses which allow me to return to a state of curiosity and receptivity.  I am then able to see where I am and I can feel what it is like to be in this space and am able to gently and kindly remind myself to breathe and move forward, out of this place of despair.  The ingredient that is needed for this to be successful is self-compassion which allows me to move and remember that it is not for my highest good to remain stuck in the dark.

Being with feelings of grief around how life was, and observing the longing that I feel for a different way of life is painful, but it was my truth in that moment. The unknown can feel dark and dangerous but can also be a place of creativity and playfulness.  

Rachel Podger

Mindfulness and in particular the use of our breath as a means of self-regulation allows us to remain open and curious in times of despair and acknowledge that life is different at the moment.   There are undeniable losses and yet many aspects of my life have been enhanced during this time.  As I pause, I remember a cellar where I used to love to spend time in my childhood.  The smell was so particular and feels profound; this memory and making it conscious helps me to self-regulate.  I realise it was a safe place that I have internalised from childhood and I feel a smile come to my face. 

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