“Now what shall we call this new form of gazing-house that has opened in our town where people sit quietly and pour out their glancing like light, like answering? ”

– Rumi, “No Room for Form”

“I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world”

– Mary Oliver

Transpersonal Integrated Psychotherapy

Transpersonal Integrated Psychotherapy is based on a set of beliefs that touches not only the psychological but reaches out and connects to the numinous, the holy, the soul, the spirit – our divine nature. It is what we know beyond the ego (Freud, 1922), a synthesis of psychological and spiritual. It includes the personal but also transcends it taking us inward and beyond conscious thinking and the personal world/self. This journey inwards takes us into our heart, not our mind, and thus beyond our limited perceptions, touching us deeply.

The approach that is unique to the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education, where Rachel trained, is the use of a transpersonal map of qualities to aid development through a relationship with nature and, in particular, to the elements of fire, earth, water and air.

Integrating this transpersonal map with alchemical symbology, psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, person-centred and existential approaches to psychotherapy provide a depth of knowledge for us to draw on and encourages a richer foundation from which our own individual unfoldment can emerge. The aim of this unfoldment is to reveal that which lies within our subjective world rather than projecting it outside, unveiling the truth that what you seek in the world is in fact within ourselves. This knowledge allows space for the expression of the divine nature/real Self/soul rather than living a life restricted by our past beliefs and fears.

Counselling is shorter term and orientated towards focusing on a particular area of your life that is negatively impacting your overall well-being. Exploring what is impeding you from making the decision to implement the change that you have been wanting in your life, will help you connect to your own innate healing and wisdom. You will then feel more able to make considered decisions and implement sustainable changes that you have been longing for in your life.

The work of counselling and psychotherapy is not solely by talking but is also through visualisation, creativity and the exploration of dreams.

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I am a fully accredited member of UKCP with a wealth of experience in counselling and transpersonal integrative psychotherapy and am registered with AXA/PPP, Vitality and WPA.